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FIVE FINGERS of Self Defense & Empowerment Course

Next Class:

MARCH 18, 2024

MONDAY-6:00-8:00 PM

(Held at FEMA-PLEASE-arrive by 5:30PM)

For WOMEN & GIRLS 13 and older-

Including Transgender/Non-Binary

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Upcoming Self Defense Course Dates:

JULY 22, 2024

NOVEMBER 11, 2024

note-dates may change,

check registration for all info.


“I love the content!  The Five Fingers is a great self-defense curriculum.  It teaches people to trust themselves and their natural tools, while building their confidence to react in different types of situations.  I truly appreciate the fact that it is not just “physical” self-defense training but incorporates “radar” and “telling” into the lessons.”

 “Your facilitation is remarkable.  The two times I’ve worked with you it’s been safe, fun and open.  You know how to work with many different types of personalities and cultures.  I like that you as a facilitator, are able to address such concerns as institutional racism and how it affects our “telling” of incidents.”

“This year the effects of this training on my staff and team were pronounced.  I have heard from two staff members that their overall self-confidence has improved because of participating in this training.  I have seen some of our Youth Mentors and adult staff carrying themselves differently and more confidently.”


2 hour course-(deposit required)


 to Schedule DATE & TIME-(deposit required)

Note= This is a separate class from our quarterly offerings at FEMA

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